Celebrating Ellen!

Came back from work, made a cup of nice hot masala tea and sat back to enjoy and cherish my last day at this apartment. Opened my laptop to savor some recent uploads of my favorite channels, some intellectual, other light-hearted. The first recommendation on YouTube was the recent episode of TheEllenShow.

As I watched one, and the next and the next, I couldn’t stop and had to watch all uploads within the past 24hrs.! Only after it ended did I realise I had been crying furiously through all those videos. The emotional decibel was just overwhelming.

I have been a fan of Ellen since I got to know about this comedian a few years ago. I remember I watched all available YouTube videos in one all-nighter. Unfortunately, I havent been a fan of TV so never had one since I moved out of my parents home. But that night stamped my love for Ellen. Until then, I hadn’t known a more brilliant female comedian. I remember even admiring her courage and grit to establish herself on a path which dint even exist. During the years, that respect diminished, or rather forgotten, but love strengthened.

Watching this commemoration of her ‘coming out’ episode’s 20th anniversary made me remember the admiration I had for her. I cannot even imagine, in my wildest dreams, the amount of courage, patience and determination it would have taken on her part, just to keep herself from suicide or similar destructive actions, let alone working. But she did it! And look where it led her. To heights she wouldn’t even have dreamt about.

The one lesson which struck out to me throughout this was –

Be true to yourself no matter what. You are made a certain way and you are here to be a certain person. So just be you. There is no need to conform or change. As long as you are truthful about who you are, which at the time may seem risky and full of losses, it will take you places you could not even have imagined.


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