An unpopular opinion

I attended this women’s tech club launch event in my area yesterday. It’s a very famous organisation with international footprint but dint have a local chapter. One of the ladies took it upon herself to connect with leaders of the organisation and setup the launch of the club in our area. Kudos to her efforts and for taking the initiative! We need more of you 🙂

The event was great! They had a terrific panel with female achievers from tech and non-tech background, food and drinks along with great topics on the discussion forum. I was thoroughly enjoying the event, albeit feeling a little disconnected since it was mostly the panel giving their own views and opinions on the topics. It would have felt better if it was more interactive but was good, nonetheless.

However, throughout the listening session I had only one thought going in my mind for some reason – ‘Why do only women need so much pep talk? Where are all the boy’s club discussing imposter syndrome and work-life balance?’ If there are any, they seem to be really clandestine! Or is this my ignorance?

I am really clueless about what prompted this question but after it came, it stayed. I kept thinking through the night and today as well. It’s odd isnt it? There were these amazing ladies encouraging us that we can have it all, its ok to not have it all at the same time, its ok to ask for more, etc. etc. and I couldn’t stop wondering if my Dad ever needed someone to tell him all this.

Frankly, I don’t think I need any of the encouragement being offered there; no offence to sisters who actually do benefit from it. I know everyone has their own story to tell. I have my own issues to deal with but none of them are anywhere close to the topics discussed yesterday. I am not looking for any pacifiers. I have a healthy level of self-confidence and self-respect. But hasnt anyone ever thought why do females suffer from self-doubt so much more than men? Why do we need cajoling every now and then? Is it our social upbringing, societal conditioning or brainwashing through the generations? I am curious to know!

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