Too much negativity, anxiety

I did not make a post for last 5 days because of my new resolution – spending 2-3 days away from all and every form of social media. This includes Watsapp, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress etc. (it helps that I am not on Facebook 🙂 ) The weekend and my mood made it quite convenient infact.

I’ll be honest; I have been very anxious for the past week. I was seeing so much negativity all around me. Conflicting opinions at workplace, disrespecting and patronising colleagues, undermining relatives, all of this was just becoming too much. I was reading hate and mistrust in almost every conversation.

The sensible side of me was trying really hard to find a silver lining. Am I reading between the lines a little too much? Is the whole world really against me? Is everyone really trying to push me down a spiral? Why?

I was trying to find a way out of all the frustration reeling inside me and just 2 thoughts came as a possible solution, to calm myself down and think more rationally –

  1. Avoid social media for some time
  2. Think about all the encouraging and supportive people around me

And it worked! 3 days without social media indulgence and instead, talking to parents and friends gave me the perspective I was looking for. It brought me back to the person I am; happy cheerful optimistic and determined. It changed my point of view regarding the situations I was feeling resentful about and I could see them from a more mature angle. I could even think of a few ways to resolve them without conflict or friction.

Thinking back and analysing the situation, I can only give my hypothesis, which may or may not be accurate.

You see, we are living in a world of data. A world of insurmountable amount of data, rapidly changing data, coming to you as fast as it changes. Frankly, most of it is garbage but its being served to us nevertheless. So much exposure to media for 16-18 hrs. a day will definitely have its ill-affects.

I realised I had been reading heavily about feminist content, government policies, celebrity issues etc. on a daily basis. I really feel passionately about all of these (except the celebrity updates 🙂 ) but the problem was that more than 80% of the content presented to me was negative. Females sharing stories of sexism and gender-biases without a solution at hand, talk show hosts debating govt. failure in doing this n that, celebrities getting into scandals, people accusing each other of intolerance, patriarchy, narcissism, anarchy, corruption….the list can go on and on. Consuming so much negativity for 15 hrs. a day is good enough to send a person into severe depression in a week! And I believe that’s what happened to me.

I agree there are issues which need people participation and attention but I don’t need to digest everything on my platter throughout the day, every single day. Because it doesn’t end. Unless I use my own discretion and stop at some point, it really doesnt end.

It’s good to be aware of whats happening around the world but it’s equally important to have a balance between positive and negative news in your feed! After all, its business for them and there’s no such thing as a free lunch!


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