What’s on my mind? Ladakh!!!

These past few weeks I have been consumed with just one thought – Leh, Ladakh! It, indisputably, occupies the #1 spot on my bucket list and dream vacation locations. I have been planning and preparing since about 6 years now! Every year I spend weeks reading about it, making notes, thinking about tentative dates when it would be easier to get leave from office etc. etc. But in the midst of all this dreaming, the doing never happened and my dream remained a dream.

I remember, in 2015 I came the closest to finally crossing it off. During my Holi vacations, I saw an extremely detailed travelogue from a solo female traveller about her recent trip to Leh/Ladakh and that was it. I sent an enquiry to my favorite travel booking company about the years bike trips to Ladakh. They sent the itineraries and as soon as I saw one of the trips was planned during my birthday week, I knew it was a sign! I immediately sent them a confirmation to reserve a slot. In fact I remember the guy even replied back saying I asked for itineraries every year almost thrice but never replied until now. That was true.

Wasting no time, I told all my friends. Finally this year I was going to take a birthday trip to my dream vacation spot. The dates were in September and I couldn’t wait for the 5 months to pass. But, that trip dint happen again!

In August, I got the opportunity to travel abroad for work. My first onsite! You wont believe but it was a really tough decision to make. I took around 2 weeks to decide between my first onsite and my dream trip. It might sound crazy to some of you but a few might be able to relate. Of course I ended up going abroad for work but it did dampen the fun a little and my heart wasnt as happy as it should be.

Fast forward 2 years and here I am, planning a family trip to Ladakh in June! I went abroad but my vacation was always on my radar. Ladakh never left my dreams! This year, by a lucky coincidence, everything was falling in place to help me plan the trip. And that’s what I have been doing since a month now.

The tickets are not yet booked but all research is done and details collated. Now all I need to do is stalk the flight prices for a few weeks and book the day they are the lowest.

Wish me luck! It’s not easy planning a family trip in India while sitting in the US 🙂

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