2017 Writing Challenge/Introduction


With this post, I officially launch my 2017 writing challenge. Through this, I am challenging myself to write at least one post everyday.

A few days back I read this answer on Quora and was instantly hit by realism. It felt like my recent life, word by word. I have been doing exactly what Tom did, ending with no concrete plan towards my dream even after 5 years of knowing it. But hey! Its never too late to begin. So here I am.

To start building a disciplined habit of writing, I thought a blog would be a great idea. This would help eliminate the usual excuses like, not having a pen and paper handy. Hence, wordpress.

The next important aspect was to make it anonymous. This would help me write with more freedom. I dont want the unnecessary burden of thinking about people’s judgement right now. I have another blog and have realised that I am extremely cautious these days about my posts. How is the content, am I sounding too preachy, will this offend any of my friends or relatives etc. So some anonymity for now would do me good.

And then, the most important question. Why do I need this habit? Because like Tom, I dont think I am a gifted writer. I consider myself a storyteller and I have numerous thoughts at any given point of time, like everyone else. When I talk, people listen to me. They take me seriously. But when I write, I can see my thoughts do not come across very coherently. The point is made but it could have been done so much better. Anytime I read any of my older posts, a thousand edits and improvements are staring at me right in the face. I figured, the only way to get better is practicing on a scratchpad, right? As we know, practice makes perfect!

By the way, I am not exactly a teenager. I am in my late 20s but I do think like a grandma (sometimes/most times?). The blog title is deceptive but intriguing, right?

Do invite your friends to be part of this writing challenge if you like! The more, the merrier.


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